Like fire and ice
Which of us is softer?
No mystic would tell you
What lines to follow.
But we piled legos to the ceiling
While Penny painted and Art
Carried a lunch-pale to work, incompatible.

Like porcelain chimes in the wind
Chords made to shatter.
Our words striking the nervous air
Not soft sonnets, but bee stings.
Only once then gone
Friendship, incompatible.

Like field mice and soldiers
Hunger licking the razor moon.
For us, eternity was sudden
Its piercing claws familiar.
Traces left along the forest floor
Warning to all that still exist, incompatible.

Like the space between atoms
Relentless as a circle.
Your silence suspending
Years like dust in the void.
We broke something like a theory
Perfect, incompatible.







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